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77 year old retired electronics & computing engineer living alone by the sea near Brighton. I was full time carer for my wife Jacqueline until March 2020 when she had to go in to permanent care with advanced Alzheimer’s. Plenty of time on my hands to start questioning the narrative during lockdown. Joined a local freedom group early in 2021. Around August, with my 77th birthday looming I was aware that my Dad died in his 77th year, and having had significant health problems following a double coronary bypass in 2013, I made up my mind thay I wouldn't go the same way. With a history of strokes in my family, I have been very aware of my body and the effect of frequencies on body fitness. I have tried to maintain fitness using an oscillating Power plate and a second hand, very powerful tri-axis vibrating Power plate. Sciatic and arthritic spine pain has been significantly reduced using both plates on a daily basis. I have always believed in the relevance of resonant frequencies on the body, so I revived a long term interest in rife and Spooky2. I took some equity out of my house and invested in my first GenX and varied accessories followed by a Spooky2 Scalar with digitizer. I now have 3 GenX and 1 XM generator, several remotes and have been able to significantly improve multiple chronic symptoms that appeared following my bypass.

I am now a solid Spooky2 fan. I have never been so healthy with abundant energy thanks to sleeping in the scalar field. Stuck in the fourth dimension, with a family firmly stuck in the third dimension is very frustrating so I await the "Greater Reset" with Gesara and all the benefits that the suppressed technologies of Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife amongst others will bring. Looking forward to ascending to the 5th dimension with spiritual help.

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